Lots of things to remember about this great man, but we hope you smart girls remember this every single day.

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merry christmas from 110.

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sometimes i think back on decisions i’ve made, and immediately regret them. for exmample, i haven’t been to arabic all week and finals are next week. i should probably just start kicking myself now fort that one.

you put your heart and soul into 15 weeks of classes, churning out paper after worksheet after chapter. then it all culminates into 2 weeks of hell. they no longer want your heart and soul, they want your high-priced blood, sweat, and tears. are you willing to comply? of course; it’s finals season.








It’s rather hypnotizing.

A wall. A wall? A wall? A wall. A wall? A wall. A.. *17 hours later* A wall? A wall. A wall?…

humpty dumpty sat on a wall. A WALL. A WALL? A WALL. A WALL? A WALL. A WALL?


I don’t know why I keep reblogging this. Maybe because of the wall.

All in all it was all just bricks in the wall.

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